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PPPoE Transition

BCN is currently transitioning to PPPoE authentication for Home and Business customers. Click here for more information.

Macintosh Configuration

Please follow this step-by-step guide in order to setup PPPoE connection with your Macintosh computer

  1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

  2. From the View menu, choose Network.

  3. Choose Built-in Ethernet from the Show drop-down menu (the "Configure" pop-up menu prior to Mac OS X 10.1).
  4. Click the PPPoE tab.

  5. Select the checkbox for "Connect using PPPoE."
  6. Type your username in the Account Name field aswell as BCN in the Service Provider field.
  7. Type your password in the Password field. If you want all users of this computer to use the same connection method, select the checkbox for "Save password."
  8. Tip: To have the computer automatically connect whenever you open a network application (Web browser, email, and so forth), click PPPoE Options and select the "Connect automatically when needed" checkbox.

  9. Click the TCP/IP tab.
  10. Choose PPP.
  11. Click Apply Now.

  12. Open a Web browser or other Internet (TCP/IP) application to verify your connection.
  13. From the Apple menu bar, select Restart.

Tip: If you did not check the option to automatically connect noted in step 7, you will need to first open the Internet Connect application, choose the correct configuration, then click Connect. Choose Internet Connect Help from the Help menu for additional information.

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