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New Communities

BCN is expanding its service area. New communities that will be coming online soon include: Hollow Water, Sapotewayak, Peguis, Fisher River, Birch River

Transition FAQ

Q: Why is BCN implementing PPPoE?

A: The residential and small business client base for BCN has experienced significantly increased growth. Our previous billing and client management procedure was a manual process that worked with a small client base. Implementing PPPoE enables a centralized system to store customer records and handle billing, which allows us to expand on our client base without having to raise our Internet fees.


In addition, it improves our technical support response time. Previously, the customer database was not accessible to the Technical Support team, leading to manual verbal verifications with the Finance department that the person calling was in fact a customer, what service was provided, and whether or not the service was active. The technician would then need to check yet another system to determine how the customer was connected. These often led to delays in responding to customer requests. By implementing PPPoE, BCN enables a centralized customer database system. The technician can immediately call up all of that information when the customer calls in, allowing instantaneous access to technical support and a better customer experience. PPPoE also allows us to more easily troubleshoot connectivity by allowing us to quickly verify that a customer's service is active and provides additional troubleshooting tools, making it easier for BCN technicians to make sure that your service is working properly.


Q: How does PPPoE affect me?

A: BCN home and business customers will need to setup PPPoE connections on their computers. Each customer is mailed out a letter where the username, password and date of the changeover are provided. The PPPoE connection should not be set up until the date listed on the letter. The username and password can be saved in the PPPoE connection settings in the original setup so that after the initial PPPoE setup it will work behind the scenes.


Please note that if you are using a router, you should set up PPPoE on the router rather than your computer itself.


Q: I have a router. How should I setup PPPoE?

A: Customers with home routers should configure their router for PPPoE and not their computer. Consult the user manual or call our help desk for assistance.


Q: I did apply all changes to the computer, but it didn’t work. What should I do?

A: Do you use a router in between of your computer and radio? If yes, see Q: I have a router. If not, please contact our Help Desk for assistance at 1-888-92-GOBCN.


Q: How will enterprise customers be affected?

A: Enterprise customers are not part of the PPPoE migration and will not be impacted by the changes.


Q: I am sharing the radio connection with other devices (ex. an XBox or second computer) by plugging the Ethernet cable in each device when I need it. What should I do?

A: You should obtain a router and set it up for PPPoE. Alternatively, if the device supports PPPoE authentication, you can set up all of your devices with the supplied PPPoE credentials.


Q: What happens if I do not set up my PPPoE connection? Will my Internet still work?

A: When PPPoE is first activated in a community, customers can begin to set up their computers/routers for PPPoE. There will be a migration window of at least two weeks during which the old system will still work to give customers adequate time to change the configuration. After the migration window closes, attempts to browse the Internet will redirect to a web authentication page, where you can use your BCN username and password to log in. The web authentication page is designed to provide a final reminder to all clients still using the old system that they will need to set up their PPPoE connection. The web authentication page will be shut off after a few weeks, after which you will no longer be able to access the Internet if you have not configured your system for PPPoE.

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